Plate Ice Machine

  • Plate Ice Evaporator

    Plate Ice Evaporator

    Plate ice evaporator mainly fall into two kinds, namely, aluminium alloy and stainless steel Evaporator. Plate ice evaporator adopts direct expansion systems and R22, R507A, R404A or ammonia(R717) as cooling medium.

  • Plate Ice Machine

    Plate Ice Machine

    Snowman is a plate ice machine manufacturer and supplier. In conform to Haccp and FDA standards, our plate ice machine is particularly suitable for food processing and storage. It is a small yet highly-efficient machine for your ice cooling needs.

    Our plate ice maker is optimized with alloy and patent processing technology. It is highly heat-conductive. Needless for extra heating, this ice making machine uses self-generated hot fluorine gas to remove the ice, highly efficient and energy-saving.