Common Problems and Solutions of Ice Machine

1.  Compressor Working But Not Refrigerating.

CAUSE: Refrigerant leakage or two-way solenoid valve damage closure is not strict.

SOLUTION: After leak detection, add the refrigerant or replace the solenoid valve


2.  The machine goes into the de-icing process (the pumps stop working, the compressors stop cooling) but the ice does not fall off.

CAUSE: two-way solenoid valve damage.

SOLUTION: REPLACE SOLENOID Valve Body or outer coil.


3.  The water shortage lamp is on, but the machine does not supply water automatically.

CAUSE: no water in the pipeline or inlet solenoid valve failure valve does not open.

SOLUTION: Check the water in the pipeline, no water will be opened after the restart of the water. The incoming water solenoid valve has the breakdown to replace.

4.  The compressor is working but the pump is not working (no running water)

CAUSE: pump damage or water pump internal scaling blockage.

SOLUTION: cleaning or replacement of pumps.

Post time: Jul-25-2020