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Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd. established in March, 2000 and public-listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Dec, 2011 (Stock code: 002639). Snowman, is a high-tech enterprise with compressor technology as a core, specialized in development, designing, manufacturing,  sales, installation and after-sales service of industrial & commercial refrigeration and cold storage units as well as complete packages of refrigeration systems and ice making system.


Headquartered in Fujian Fuzhou Binhai Industrial District, SNOWMAN has two Industrial Parks: Binhai Industrial Park and Liren Industrial Park. Wherein, the 1st phase of Binhai Industrial Park covers more than 80 acres, while the Liren Industrial Park being established, covers more than 156 acres. The 3rd phase, Guhuai Industrial Park, being prepared, would cover more than 3000 acres.

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Snowman is committed to the research and production of concrete cooling systems, water chillers, ice storage, and other ice machines. Our major products include: Industrial chillers, Flake ice machines, Tube ice machines, Block ice machines, Plate ice machines, and Concrete cooling systems. Our ice machines are designed for a daily output ranging from 0.5 ton to 80 tons. For large ice making systems, such as the concrete cooling system, Snowman can also provide a comprehensive design, according to your specific needs.






Snowman has also gained the IS09001, IS014001, 0HSAS18001 and CE Certifications, obtained the Pressure Vessel Ⅰ ,Ⅱ, Ⅲ Designing and Manufacturing License, PED & ASME Designing and Manufacturing License, Pressure Pipeline Grade GC2/GC3 Designing and Manufacturing License, Pressure Pipeline Grade GC2 Installation and Maintenance License, Fishing Vessel Survey Certificate,Explosion-proof Certificate as well as the 2nd Grade Qualification License for Mechanical and Electrical General Engineering Contracting.

2-ISO9001 11-OHSAS 18001-1 14-Pressure vessel PED
ISO9001 International Quality System Certification OHSAS 18001 certification

Pressure vessel PED certification

 1-CE certification  13-CE certification  9-CE certification
CE Certification for SRM Compressor Unit
WST Screw Expansion Unit and Compressor Unit

ASME Certificate of Authentication

P1001-112-I-08 (WNG series) P1001-112-I-09(YF series)
P1001-112-I-10 (YF-XR series) CE authentication

Cost Control

Snowman aims to provide the highest quality cooling solutions at the lowest cost. Surrounded by transportation options such as an airport, port, and expressways, we can offer the lowest shipping costs to our clients. We also have an accelerated production line for our most popular products. With lower shipping costs and rapid production, Snowman is able to provide ice making solutions at affordable prices.


After Sale Service

Wherever there is a Snowkey product, there is Snowman service. All of our accessories are provided with at least a one year warranty for free replacement or repairs. Snowman provides all-day customer service to our clients. With a trained after-sale service team, Snowman is capable of providing you the best solution in shortest time, should you have any difficulties.

Snowman is now capable of manufacturing 5000 units of ice machines annually. Due to the wide application and low cost of our products, they have earned great popularity in America, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Brazil, Cuba, France, Russia, Singapore, and more. With the steady demand of our products in the market, Snowman is now striving to become a more energy-efficient company.
At Snowman, we also provide OEM services upon request. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Research Team
Since our foundation, Snowman has attracted numerous experienced personnel and engineers. As a result, we have formed a mature team of experienced engineers who have earned 6 national patents for Snowman.

Quality Control
Snowman thrives on attention to detail. Each component of our cooling systems is strictly monitored, to be in conformity with ISO9000 standards. In addition, 80% of Snowkey ice-making system accessories are imported. This is how we are able to offer the best cooling systems.


4-CE certification-1 13-CE certification
Oil coolers(WNG33.7) Oil separator(YF600)
Oil separator certification certificate(YF-XR26L)CE authentication

Ice board(small size) block ice machine
Automatic ice storage tank CE authentication

10-CE certification 8-CE certification

Ice board Air cooled,Water cooled,Single)
Compression unit, SRM series open screw compressor CE authentication

Test certificate for refrigeration system design of sheet ice machine
Test certificate for condenser design
Test certificate for pipe ice machine design CE authentication

5-CE certification 6-CE certification

Filter Authentication Certificate GLQ(MX)240(CE)
Design Test Certificate for EvaporatorGK82.5
Certificate of Design Test for CondenserWNF132 authentication

Certificate of Design Inspection of Economy ZL-XR26M-A
P-1001-112-I-16 GYF series
Storage Refrigeration System(WZF,LZF,GZA)CE authentication

12-CE certification 7-CE certification

SW series refrigeration screw compressor
SRC 134 series compressor(semi-sealed refrigeration screw compressor)
SP series compressor(semi-closed piston compressor) CE authentication

Oil separator design inspection certificate(YF300,YF350,YF500)
Inspection certificate of integrated design of three devices
Inspection certificate of refrigeration system
Design of energy absorption and storage CE authentication